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Jellyfish Aquarium Tank Lamp

Jellyfish Aquarium Tank Lamp - KNITEWOLF

Jellyfish Aquarium Tank Lamp

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This is the LED-lighted Aquarium Tank with five synthetic jellyfish that provide mesmerizing ambiance just like their real counterparts.

The aquarium has 18 LEDs (six each of red, blue, and green) that automatically change color, causing all 5 jellyfish to “react” by glowing yellow, purple, aquamarine, blue, and red as they float within gentle currents generated by the unit’s silent, integrated motor.Manual color selection enables one color display. Set upon a bookshelf, tabletop, or desk, the aquarium plugs via USB or 3 AA batteries; automatically turns off after four hours. You receive 5 synthetic jellyfish in each order.


No speakers built in the jellyfish aquarium